4 Walls Finds: The Right Tunes for the Job

Music & Productivity Meet


We’re only as good as our habits.  Habits good and bad create an interesting relationship, a balancing act between diversion and production.  For me, whether production means sitting down to write (for work or for pleasure) or getting on my bike for a long ride, the result is always positive. It’s that sweet, sweet dopamine – released and received  to resounding applause from Mr. Brain, who squeals “Do that thing again!”

Many times, that all starts with music.

Finding the right music for the occasion is one habit I’ll never be able to break. It’s one of the few that strikes a perfect balance between “diversion” and “production”, which is perfect when it comes to productivity and work.  At its best, I get into a groove and absolutely slay the task at hand. At its worst I waffle on music choice, jumping from playlist to playlist in search of the muse. We’ve all been there, scratching our heads in the middle of a music-rut trying to find something to listen to so we can actually start working.

When I found Jory Mackay’s post  How to Craft the Perfect Playlist for Productivity I learned that music doesn’t just have a proven impact on our productivity, there are actually specific qualities to look for depending on the task at hand. This is exactly what I need to know for those days when I just can’t find the right tunes for the job.”

Mackay calls attention to a few proven facts:

  •  Music fosters a sense of community and encourages people to work together. ( Side Note: This couldn’t be more true. Our office mood underwent a noticeable change when our “music computer” was re-purposed.)
  • Our brains release the “motivation and pleasure chemical” dopamine  when we listen to music.

But here’s the keynot all songs are created equal. While scientists have proven that music actively motivates us and drives us forward, different kinds of music are useful for different tasks. Check out the graphic below for a quick reference on what you should be listening to, whether you’re writing, learning, or doing something mundane (like answering emails). For more on the how and why, check out Mackay’s original post on Crew.co.


Image Credit: Corey Blaz

Image Credit: Corey Blaz

Bonus Tool!

Do you use Spotify?  Check out their Sort Your Music tool which allows you to organize your playlists by BPM (beats per minute), loudness, valence, energy, “danceability” and more.

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