We’ve Moved!: A New Beginning in Bedford, NH

If there’s one thing we’re constantly reminded of, it’s that our industry is characterized by evolution. From the tech and techniques we use to build and execute our digital campaigns to the team that gets it done – learning, growth, and transformation are critical. When the transformation taking place becomes more momentous than our average day-to-day work, we try to stop and take notice.

With that said, it makes us particularly proud to announce our brand new Bedford Crossing location at  166 South River Road in Bedford, New Hampshire. 

It all started during a photoshoot for one of our favorite clients – the owner of Bedford Crossing, R.J. Finlay & Co. After catching every angle of the building, we found ourselves standing on the ground level – a  storage area complete with wall-to-wall chicken wire. When someone mentioned how great the spot could be as a new office, we didn’t give it much thought. It was, after-all, a room consisting almost entirely of chicken-wire storage cages. Though, we can think of a few developers who would have loved the dark, dingy lighting.

Weeks later, we broke ground and the transformation of 4Walls Media Group was underway. From the reclaimed lumber, selected by hand, to the many colors, textures, and accents that would  eventually come together to make our new home feel like home – this has been one transformation we’ve waited a long time for, and we can’t wait to share it.

In our new location here in Bedford, we’re excited for new opportunities to grow our team, connect with our clients, reach out to our community and continue to evolve.

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