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Google has long been the Internet’s 800-pound gorilla so it should come as no surprise that they play a huge role in online advertising. Google’s AdWords (pay-per-click) program has become more and more important for covering the bases when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, Google AdWords plays a big role in helping people find you on Google.  But there’s more to advertising on Google than text ads.

As internet marketing strategies have changed over the last few years, so has online advertising media. While pay-per-click advertising is still very much a part of the advertising landscape, you could be missing out on some serious exposure by not experimenting with all of Google’s advertising features. Let’s take a look at remarketing on Google and some of the features that can take your online advertising campaign to the next level.

What is remarketing?

Google Remarketing AdsBasically, remarketing goes beyond a one-visit interaction with a company or product.  Have you ever browsed a website for a product and then seen the exact product advertised on another website shortly after? This isn’t magic. It’s  a remarketing campaign in action. Though it can be unnerving to see ads based on your browsing history and interests, if done properly remarketing can help your online exposure immensely.  L.L. Bean has a perfect example of a well-executed remarketing campaign. Are you checking out L.L. Bean winter jackets on their website? Get ready for L.L. Bean winter jacket advertisements to follow you around the internet. And then they bait the hook with 10% off. How crazy is that?!

How do remarketing campaigns work?

cookie monsterWhen a new visitor lands on your company’s website, Google gives them a cookie. Unfortunately, these cookies do not contain chocolate chips and they aren’t edible.  Instead, these cookies remember the browser that visited the site and begin showing ads in the days, weeks, and even months following the site visit. This powerful advertising feature is inexpensive and under-utilized.  It’s easy to see why remarketing is an easy choice for brands looking to get the most out of their visual content.

Remarketing for our clients

In 2015 our team produced a product video for Mobile-Shop– a manufacturer of mobile maintenance carts. After launching the video we wanted our client to get more traction out of their content so we set up a Google TrueView remarketing campaign.  We were using Google remarketing image ads prior to launching the video remarketing campaign but we knew that the video showcasing Mobile-Shop’s carts in action would go further in educating potential buyers.YouTube TrueView Remarketing Screenshot

After less than two weeks of launching the campaign the video received 230 views at a total cost of $28.  Remember how we mentioned that remarketing can be really inexpensive?  We weren’t kidding.  That’s about $.12 per view!  Not to mention the “earned views” that the Mobile-Shop YouTube account received.  Earned views are when someone watches the video ad and then watches another video in the same YouTube channel within 7 days of the ad view.  These are video views that the advertiser does not pay for so that means even more visibility for your video content.

What if you don’t have a good video for a remarketing campaign?  As we mentioned earlier- remarketing ads don’t have to be videos.  Another client, Stratham Tire, wanted to run a seasonal advertising campaign for winter tires.  We knew that remarketing would be a perfect opportunity to invite past visitors back to the website with winter tire offers so we set one up for them. Check back soon and we’ll let you know how it turned out.

The hype is real. You really can do quite a bit with remarketing, from pulling potential customers back to your website to solidifying your business’s brand in your customer’s mind.  Curious if your  could benefit from a video remarketing campaign?  Give our nerds a shout today.

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