Refueling Our Passion

How our Design Department Stays Inspired

2017 saw many things here at 4walls. New clients, new team members, new types of work and even new ways of working together. Lately it seems that the more we get behind our collective passions, the more our voices are heard. And in an age where there are endless opportunities and venues for people to speak their voice. If people are listening, don’t take it for granted. To be heard you must speak with passion. Speak with integrity. Be honest to yourself and be honest to those you are representing. Follow those basic values and you are bound to have a positive affect on people. People respond to honesty. People respond to passion. We are learning every day more and more that fueling our passion is the most important thing we can do. Week by week passion is the driving force behind everything we do here at 4Walls. That’s the way we always want it to be. And that is why it is so important to refuel our passion now and then. Read More…


Voice Search, Google, and Your Business

At Google’s last product event of 2017, the search (and – now – hardware) giant launched 7 new products, 5 of which include Google Assistant as a central component. If you weren’t aware, Google Assistant is the company’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa – and it’s consistently been getting better and better. But what does the full-court-press on voice mean for search and the rest of the internet? If anything – it means we can’t ignore it.

It also means Google will continue to increase the value, usability, and ubiquity of not just voice search – but voice experiences.  For any modern company with a website, this could have some far-reaching implications (and opportunities). From the way Google serves us content to the way businesses can serve those that need their help.

This increasing focus on voice underscores one of the more salient points made by Dan Golden this year at Hubspot’s Inbound conference: that “It’s not about webpages anymore.” We couldn’t agree more.Read More…


Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

brianWe’re all amazed that SysAdmin Appreciation Day has yet to become recognized as a national holiday but we’ll leave that one for another day.  However, in all seriousness – we wanted to take a moment to thank our Technology Director, Brian, for all that he does for our team, our clients, and our sanity.  This beer loving, cat whispering, banjo strumming and all-around awesome guy keeps our servers humming, our sites secure and our clients happy- all while wearing a smile.  He’s the best of the BEST.  We love ya Bri!


4Walls Finds: Sturgill Simpson Covers In-Bloom. Blows Minds. Breaks Box.


One of my favorite gifts this past Christmas was a Vinyl copy of  Nirvana’s “Bleach” my son gave me. I waited till everyone left the house than dropped the needle. I listened to it over and over till everyone came back home.

Nirvana has long been a favorite. So when I found out that Sturgill Simpson (also a favorite) had covered “In-Bloom” off of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and re-leased a video. I was intrigued. Full on car crash level intrigued. I looked but I really didn’t want to look. I was afraid of what I might see. Or hear. I found a review at Salon and dove right in.

Read More…


social media is a waste of time!

or is it?

I don’t really mix work and pleasure, so so

One of my biggest gripes with the blog posts out there about social media and content strategy is that they give you pointers, but use themselves as a case study.Read More…

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