Is Your Website an Abandoned Shopping Mall? Fix it!

The Concord Steeplegate Mall has been struggling to pay the bills with large retail companies like American Eagle, Aeropostale and Abercrombie & Fitch pulling out due to lack of traffic and sales from their stores.

It’s really pretty simple: the Mall can’t provide enough value for the space. Business’ ask “what does the space cost vs what do I get?” Essentially, “where’s the return on investment?” Just like a brick and mortar store relies on a good ROI. So too does your website.

How do you bring in traffic to add value to your “space”?

The goal of a website is having the best information and experience when someone searches for your service or product. This means providing a great User Experience and proper content. Having good content is like having a bouncy house or laser tag in your mall. It says “our content is quality” but, we also offer an infographic, a video and some print on the subject you are inquiring about, enjoy your stay.

User ExperienceYou hear that word a lot huh?

What does it mean? When you click on a website does it have what you are looking for and is it east to find?

Examples: Is the site easy to navigate? Does it load fast? Does it have an Image referencing what you wanted? Is there a video about your inquiry? Does the content give you the answers you were looking for? Can you contact someone who can get you proper information easily? Can a user find what they came here looking for?

The Google gods.

The phrase “Google it” has become the default slang for looking up information. Need a question answered like Where can I find Nike 5.0 Shoes for sale near me? I’m sure you will be told to google it.

What google looks for. Responsive Websites, good content and quality user flow. If google notices you searched for a term and clicked the web result, stayed for 3 seconds and left they are going to assume that website does not relate to the information on the initial search string. The days of old seo tricks are gone You have to actually plan a website and become an authority on the service/product or subject matter. Get customers to trust you.

Does your website feel like an empty shopping mall? 


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