One Size Fits None: Lessons Learned from Tesla’s Model 3 Launch


Tesla recently launched the Model 3. The $35,000 sedan that CEO Elon Musk hopes will bring electric vehicles into the mainstream. Most people are already familiar with Tesla’s other models, the extremely popular Model S sedan and their newer Model X suv, which at a base price of $70k and $80k respectively are out of most people’s price range. The reduced price and the growing network of Tesla superchargers bode well for launching them into the mainstream.

This got me thinking about how this might relate to our field. Clients come in all different sizes, big and small, and their need for an online presence varies just as much. Not every client needs the Model S of websites. Their web presence should be stripped down to exactly what they need without the extra bells and whistles. But it should get them the same mileage (see what I did there?) with their clients.

A smaller client that gets most of its business from referrals probably doesn’t need a full wordpress site with an extensive marketing campaign. More than likely they just need a static informational site with a contact form. Something where their clients can get their simple questions answered and contact information for their more complicated ones.

What they need is a web company that provides exactly as much as they need, while recommending options for the future should their needs change. Your web shop should be your advocate, guiding you in the digital realm- without pushing things on you that you don’t need.  After all, your success is our success – and every project is different.

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