office thoughts: a moment of solidarity for the chicago cubs

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With the USA advancing to the knock-out round of the World Cup, we got to thinking about some of the biggest underdogs in the sporting world. With that in mind, did you know the last time the Cubs won a world series was in 1908? (As an office full of Red Sox fans, we know how it feels to hold it down at the bottom of the barrel. Really, we do.)

So, to provide some perspective…. what  did the world look like the last time our hapless friends in the Windy City won the world series?  Let’s take a look…

January, 1908

The first New Year’s Ball dropped in Times Square and Georgia begins prohibition in earnest (at least they waited for New Years to be over).


The American Flag gets its 46th Star for the state of Oklahoma. In other news, Oklahoma was in the headlines.


Cincinnati Mayor Mark Breith demonstrates that it’s still totally okay to be a chauvinist pig by standing before city council & announcing that, “women are not physically fit to operate automobiles”. Some people still hold this belief, but at least they realize it’s something they shouldn’t advertise.


The 4th “modern” Olympic games opened in London. The need to refer to the games as “modern” is reason enough to conclude this happened a really long time ago.


Charles Furnas became the first passenger on an airplane in the United States, it was piloted by Wilbur Wright.  Unfortunately, none of the people on this particular flight, none of their grand children, none of their great grand children, and none of their great-great grand children would be flying to attend a Cubs world series. 


The most interesting thing that happened in June of 1908 was an explosion in Siberia. The world was a very different place. Not a whole lot goin’ on.


Charles Joseph Bonaparte creates the office of Chief Examiner, which would become the FBI. He was Napoleon’s nephew. 


The springfield Race Riot of 1908 occured in Springfield, Illinois. These things were still pretty common.


The first Model T Automobile is produced…and not even the assembly line. It was built by hand, in Henry Ford’s workshop (which was probably just his shed).

October (10th): The Cubs’ Big Day!

The Chicago Cubs win the World Series against the Detroit Tigers. It’s all downhill from here boys.


The first credit union in the United States (Saint Mary’s Bank) begins operation in our very own Manchester, New Hampshire.


There was a total solar eclipse on December 23rd. Since the last time the Cubs won the world series, there have been 22 Total Solar eclipses.

Hang in their Chicago. We believe in you!

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