A few years ago myself and my office-mates had our collective minds blown by responsive design. It wasn’t the fact that responsive design was “a thing” – But more by the pace at which responsive began its takeover. What started like Monty Python’s lonely King Arthur endlessly charging toward the Holy Grail quickly became something fierce and fresh, charging through the design community like a new and improved King Arthur and his Knights of Justice.


The push for responsive design began slowly.











Shiny and strong ridding the world of outdated websites hither and yon.

But before long, it was shiny and strong, ridding the world of outdated websites hither and yon.

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From Stepbrothers in Search to Best Buds

If you visit the Wikipedia page for April, 21st,you’ll find a list of births followed by a list of deaths. Now, barring the arrival or departure of any notable souls between now and then, “Google Search as We Know It” is one name that will (or should) exist on both of these lists. The Google Webmaster Central Blog announced it first, April 21st will be the day that Google’s algorithm changes to “Expand our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.”Read More…

4 Walls would like to welcome Brooks Eastman to our ranks as a web developer! We managed to lure him away from his freelancing career to a job where he has to actually wear pants. His portfolio is a mix of development and design work but he has always had a passion for the web, where he can deliver engaging and beautiful user experiences. Before freelancing he worked as a web designer/developer for Lindt & Sprunglii in Stratham and was reportedly paid in chocolate.

Outside of work Brooks is an avid hiker, lover of beer, uncle, movie buff, and gamer. He lives in Portsmouth and enjoys Crossfit, Skiing, and mountain biking.


Brooks at the summit of Mt. Baldy, in California.

Presentation isn't everything, but it sure helps.
Presentation isn’t everything, but it sure helps.

Three Things to Keep in Mind when It Comes to Content Strategy and Design

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A lesson in Creativity and Technology

Update: Check out the Manchester Union Leader’s story on our work with Mrs. Roy’s Creative Computing and Media class.

Early last school-year, we decided we wanted to get involved with the community. But we didn’t just want to spend a day picking up trash.  Sure, we might be talented when it comes to picking up trash (Mark even wanted to be a trash collector when he was 2. For a toddler, he was really serious about a good city job with benefits). We wanted to do something that let us use our talents to give something back.Read More…

4Walls Graphics

Icons and graphics Kyle has been working on for both the 4Walls Media Group website and numerous ads in the Hippo

I really didn’t know what to expect when seeking out an internship. I just knew that I would need to have one on my resume before graduation. As a new designer, it’s important I have freedom to try new things and discover my style, all while getting feedback from those around me. With that, I didn’t want to start somewhere extremely corporate as my first career defining opportunity.Read More…

Schooled themed background of a wooden desk with a green apple and pencil

There’s a lot that can happen to your web traffic. But what happens when you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to bring your numbers back? You’ve considered the  Algorithm Changes. You’ve taken care of the handful of dead links you had holding you back. You even re-wrote some content that could have been better, but nothing seems to work.  Read More…

cubs world series

With the USA advancing to the knock-out round of the World Cup, we got to thinking about some of the biggest underdogs in the sporting world. With that in mind, did you know the last time the Cubs won a world series was in 1908? (As an office full of Red Sox fans, we know how it feels to hold it down at the bottom of the barrel. Really, we do.)

So, to provide some perspective…. what  did the world look like the last time our hapless friends in the Windy City won the world series?  Let’s take a look…Read More…

Netflix went white today. Which brings to mind many of the other high-profile re-brands we’ve all encountered in the last couple of years. As unabashed Netflix addicts and designers, we’d love to know what you think about the new design.  Personally, I like it. But read on for a list of the most public (and in some cases, disastrous) rebranding campaigns from the last couple of years.Read More…

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