How our Design Department Stays Inspired

2017 saw many things here at 4walls. New clients, new team members, new types of work and even new ways of working together. Lately it seems that the more we get behind our collective passions, the more our voices are heard. And in an age where there are endless opportunities and venues for people to speak their voice. If people are listening, don’t take it for granted. To be heard you must speak with passion. Speak with integrity. Be honest to yourself and be honest to those you are representing. Follow those basic values and you are bound to have a positive affect on people. People respond to honesty. People respond to passion. We are learning every day more and more that fueling our passion is the most important thing we can do. Week by week passion is the driving force behind everything we do here at 4Walls. That’s the way we always want it to be. And that is why it is so important to refuel our passion now and then. 

So now that we at 4Walls have let our passion guide us to new client relationships. What comes next? Well… next comes the work. And getting a running start in 2018 meant mentally being ready for the onslaught. Over the past year we have designed vehicle lettering, outdoor signage, pocket folders and business identities. We have designed websites, and print advertisements. I believe our design team has touched every possible design discipline at least once over the past year. So how does a design team stay on their toes with so much being thrown at them? It really comes down to one simple thing. Communication. Sharing an inspiring link in Slack, bringing in a book with a beautifully designed dust jacket, or showing each other album art. These are all simple ways we communicate with each other, daily. It’s kind of like show and tell. You remember those days, right? You’d bring in your favorite Power Ranger and tell everyone how cool it is. Same concept. If you find something cool. Share it. Communicate it. If your team has no communication. You don’t have a team.

I find something as simple as talking to the marketing team about a TV show can be inspiring. We talk about things that I normally would not find on my own. Like Mindhunter for instance. I never would have watched it on my own. It turned out to be one of my favorite shows of 2017. Not only would I have missed that show, but I also would have missed the intro which is beautifully designed.

Most of us are surrounded by people who are passionate about something. If we don’t communicate with each-other, we will never find out what those passions are. We tend to be creatures of habit. It’s easy and comforting to be a creature of habit. But you don’t have to stay that way. A recent experience of mine forced me to have to break out of habit. I found a few new tricks to get my mind thinking differently. This got my mind focused on new things. It allowed me think in a new positive way and find my passion again. Here are a few things I did to break the monotony.


 One: A Change of Scenery. If you can, drive a new way to work tomorrow.

I’m sure Google Maps or Apple (good luck) Maps might even show you a way to work you never knew existed. The new scenery might lift you up a bit before you get to work.



Two: Start the day inspired. Not being crushed by to-do lists.

Instead of melting your brain by checking Slack first thing in the morning. Find a new website to get inspired before starting your day. A good one we love is It is a branding focused website updated often with all sorts of beautiful branding. Just don’t pay attention to the (often) snarky comments left by armchair designers. It’s the branding you’ll keep going there for.

 Three: Get Ed Sheeran out of your head

In a music rut? Instead of listening to Ed Sheehan for the 5 billionth time… Open AppleMusic

or Spotify and browse the “You might like” sections. It’s amazing what can happen when you feed your brain new sounds. Your brain is meant to be fed. Feed it. At the very least. Find a Radiohead album you “just don’t get” and listen to it till you do. You’ll thank me later.



 Four: Contrary to Three. Join the Conversation.

Co-workers having a conversation in the break area? Take the earbuds out and join in. Few people here at 4Walls have been more guilty of this than me. My love for music sometimes outweighs the need for conversing. However, this behavior can lead to being an earbud-hermit. Don’t be an earbud-hermit. A good laugh relaxes the spirit, which often can lead to good ideas. Trust me, your office mates are not really all that bad to talk to.



How is all this relevant to re-fueling your passion? Because the number one creativity killer is monotony. Monotony will (every single time) kill a good creative mind. And with it, the passion behind that creative mind also dies. PASSION is what makes the world move. PASSION is what drives our industry as a whole. Many consumers are passionate about products they use. Athletes are passionate about the sports they play. Songwriters about the music they write. Writers about words, and artists about their art. All driven by one thing. Passion. Even the guys in the back room slinging code need to be passionate about the code they sling. Embrace change. It is what your creative brain thrives on. It is what allows us to stay passionate as human beings. Stay passionate, stay positive and good things will follow. It is never too late to refuel.

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