Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

brianWe’re all amazed that SysAdmin Appreciation Day has yet to become recognized as a national holiday but we’ll leave that one for another day.  However, in all seriousness – we wanted to take a moment to thank our Technology Director, Brian, for all that he does for our team, our clients, and our sanity.  This beer loving, cat whispering, banjo strumming and all-around awesome guy keeps our servers humming, our sites secure and our clients happy- all while wearing a smile.  He’s the best of the BEST.  We love ya Bri!


how to inbound | observations from the new guy

I’m the new guy at 4WALLS and being the new hire is never easy. It didn’t get any easier when I was tasked to take a fresh look at the company website (which I should mention was launched in April of 2014) and make suggestions with inbound marketing strategies in mind.   As you might guess this gets interesting for two reasons.

The first reason is that the 4WALLS website is their baby- their pride and joy. Our team designed and built a kick@$$ website from the scratch… So how do I tell my team that we can do a better job at building for our audience? Read More…


welcome brooks!

4 Walls would like to welcome Brooks Eastman to our ranks as a web developer! We managed to lure him away from his freelancing career to a job where he has to actually wear pants. His portfolio is a mix of development and design work but he has always had a passion for the web, where he can deliver engaging and beautiful user experiences. Before freelancing he worked as a web designer/developer for Lindt & Sprunglii in Stratham and was reportedly paid in chocolate.

Outside of work Brooks is an avid hiker, lover of beer, uncle, movie buff, and gamer. He lives in Portsmouth and enjoys Crossfit, Skiing, and mountain biking.


Brooks at the summit of Mt. Baldy, in California.


what’s it like to be an intern @ 4walls?

4Walls Graphics

Icons and graphics Kyle has been working on for both the 4Walls Media Group website and numerous ads in the Hippo

I really didn’t know what to expect when seeking out an internship. I just knew that I would need to have one on my resume before graduation. As a new designer, it’s important I have freedom to try new things and discover my style, all while getting feedback from those around me. With that, I didn’t want to start somewhere extremely corporate as my first career defining opportunity.Read More…

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