We’ve Moved!: A New Beginning in Bedford, NH

If there’s one thing we’re constantly reminded of, it’s that our industry is characterized by evolution. From the tech and techniques we use to build and execute our digital campaigns to the team that gets it done – learning, growth, and transformation are critical. When the transformation taking place becomes more momentous than our average day-to-day work, we try to stop and take notice.Read More…


welcome brooks!

4 Walls would like to welcome Brooks Eastman to our ranks as a web developer! We managed to lure him away from his freelancing career to a job where he has to actually wear pants. His portfolio is a mix of development and design work but he has always had a passion for the web, where he can deliver engaging and beautiful user experiences. Before freelancing he worked as a web designer/developer for Lindt & Sprunglii in Stratham and was reportedly paid in chocolate.

Outside of work Brooks is an avid hiker, lover of beer, uncle, movie buff, and gamer. He lives in Portsmouth and enjoys Crossfit, Skiing, and mountain biking.


Brooks at the summit of Mt. Baldy, in California.


welcome to 4 walls!

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