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Handy-Dandy Instagram Guide

Choosing Your Style

Just getting started on the ‘gram?  It’s good to have a theme and style for your feed.  Everything from the subject matter to the filters you use come together as your Instagram brand.  Are you a landscape photographer?  A photo opportunist?  Looking for a new place to share family photos?  Starting an Instagram account in the hopes of making your hamster instafamous?  Whichever it is, pick a theme and stick to it.

Capturing Photos for Instagram

boston redsox fenway park

Shout-out to Bond Polymers for hooking us up with these killer seats!

Instagram photos do not need to be taken within the app using the camera feature.  You can instead pull photos from your phone’s camera roll or even a large DSLR camera!  Keep in mind that it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.  DSLR cameras can capture some amazing photos but iPhones, or almost any smartphone for that matter, are more than capable of getting the job done!


Here are a few ways to get more out of your smartphone camera:

  • Mess around with the focal point, exposure settings, and make sure there is decent lighting.
  • Shoot vertically or portrait-style !  This is crucial and I’ll explain why in the editing section below.
  • Use the phone’s grid feature and don’t forget about the rule of thirds!Read More…
social media

influence your audience with social media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram. At a glance social media can be overwhelming. As a business owner you might be asking yourself if you really need social media. The first step to answering this question is to recognize how your customers are influenced to contact, visit or purchase from your business.

To more clearly understand let’s use a restaurant as an example. What are people interested in seeing when choosing a restaurant to dine at? Some of the elements that influence your choice whether or not to dine at a restaurant include ambience, capacity and of course the food. These elements are going to be captured best visually. So you would want to focus your time using social media sites that best organize and display photos. The best possible sites for visually appealing content would be Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Read More…

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