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When Snow Hits NH, Our Marketing Company Gets Cozy: Warm up With Some New Tunes

When the roads turn into sloppy mounds of slippery mashed potatoes, the safe choice is to stay in. Or at least only go out if it’s really going to be worth it (like a rare day of powder skiing in New Hampshire)

As much as we like hanging out (and working) with each other at our new office in Bedford, sometimes a snow day calls for a change of pace. With the whole team collaborating (with tools like Slack Invision, and Google Docs) things hum along no matter where we are. But the special rhythm of a snow day really comes out in the soundtracks that end up filling the day.  Maybe our list will keep you going on your next snow day, whether you’re a marketing company in New Hampshire hunkered down for the biggest storm of the year – or, just having a much needed mental health day.Read More…

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4 Walls Finds: The Right Tunes for the Job

Music & Productivity Meet


We’re only as good as our habits.  Habits good and bad create an interesting relationship, a balancing act between diversion and production.  For me, whether production means sitting down to write (for work or for pleasure) or getting on my bike for a long ride, the result is always positive. It’s that sweet, sweet dopamine – released and received  to resounding applause from Mr. Brain, who squeals “Do that thing again!”

Many times, that all starts with music.Read More…


4Walls Finds: Sturgill Simpson Covers In-Bloom. Blows Minds. Breaks Box.


One of my favorite gifts this past Christmas was a Vinyl copy of  Nirvana’s “Bleach” my son gave me. I waited till everyone left the house than dropped the needle. I listened to it over and over till everyone came back home.

Nirvana has long been a favorite. So when I found out that Sturgill Simpson (also a favorite) had covered “In-Bloom” off of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and re-leased a video. I was intrigued. Full on car crash level intrigued. I looked but I really didn’t want to look. I was afraid of what I might see. Or hear. I found a review at Salon and dove right in.

Read More…

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