things to remember to make the most impact with your e-newsletters

E-newsletters are a great way to reach out to your customers with news and promotions to help drive traffic to your site.high-impact-emails The thing is, people don’t always want to read them. Here are a few tweaks you can make to your next campaign that’ll make sure you have high open rates and click-throughs.



The Subject Line is King

The inbox is a boring place, full of text, where your customers scroll through trying to catch up with their correspondence. This is where a strong and relevant subject line is really important. Before you even have a chance to draw them in with your amazing offer and beautiful graphics, you have to get them to click on it.

Make sure your subject line cuts straight to the point, put your deal or fabulous news right up front. You want something that grabs the user, pulls them in, and feels personal. Once you’ve got them on the hook, then you can hit them with your message.


iPhone-girlMake it Mobile Friendly

These days your audience is checking their email on their phone as often, if not more, as they view it on a desktop. A responsive email is essential to getting your message across quickly and effectively above the fold. Your logo, message and main CTA should all be visible right away. In a non-responsive email, focus on getting your brand and message as close to the top left corner as you can, as on mobile and on smaller resolution desktops that’s the area of the email your audience will see first.


Your Customer is a Person

Most email distribution companies these days are able to integrate dynamic information into the text of your email. They do this by the use of special variables you can place into the body of the email that the email server will replace with the saved information in the contact list. You should take advantage of this to give your email a personal feel, to draw them in, and ultimately to drive up your click-through rate.


Track Your Results

Once your email is out the door it’s hard to know how much of an effect it’s having on your traffic and revenue. With most email distributors, you can look at a report of the unique opens and click-throughs for each campaign. But you can take this a step further. Google analytics tracks what link people use to get to your site, and using UTM parameters in the links in your email you can tell exactly where and what email the customer used to get to your site. This will give you a real tangible view of the impact your email campaign had.

Using these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating meaningful and impactful email campaigns that drive your traffic and revenue. Happy Emailing!

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