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It's the right words, the right look, and the right experience – all working together to give your audience the information and presentation that works best for them across multiple platforms and devices.

what does content strategy even mean?

We'll admit it. It's one of those buzzwords everyone hates. But it's much more than some vague industry term that sounds important. It's one of the most important parts of your digital marketing plan.

what's your goal?

Greater brand loyalty? Sales? Sign-ups? Finally beating the Legend of Zelda?

No matter what your goal is, 4Walls can help (except for that last one, only Cam can help you there) but getting there is the tough part, and that's why content strategy is important.

heard enough?

Get in touch with us today to tell us about your goals and we can talk about how 4Walls Media Group can help you achieve them...

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  • website content
    Content for your website should be more than just haphazard words strewn together. It should play a central role in your marketing strategy. Real content strategy gives customers new and old what they need. Whether it’s information about your products or an insight into the way you do things, content strategy supports your brand identity and helps you reach your goals. Most of all, it gets your message across.
  • social media content
    The right content in the right place can make a major difference for your brand’s exposure. Our content team will work with you to develop social media content that keeps your customer’s engaged you’re your brand on their minds.
  • messaging and branding
    Does your messaging speak to your audience? What you say and the way you say it is different for every business. That’s where we come in, to develop a voice that works for you. From branding to business taglines and more – our pens are ready.
  • press kits
    When your business or organization has an announcement to make or a press event to contend with, our content team knows how to communicate your message to the media in both print and online.
  • blog posts
    By integrating your blog with your web and social media strategy, our content team aims to create an audience of customers that care about your brand. To do this, we work with you to create content that resonates.
our process
Coming up with a winning content strategy starts and ends with research.

First we research your industry, your company, and your competitors to hone in on the best opportunities. Next, we create. We write, draft, design, and optimize your content in a way that resonates with your audience (and with search engines).

Finally, we measure the result and research new ways to take it a step further.

every good marketing strategy begins with questions
Making sure you get the most out of your marketing strategy involves asking a lot of questions.

Basic questions, like "What do your readers want?" and "What will visitors find useful?" and analytical questions like, "What keywords are driving the most traffic?" and "How can we better target X".

We constantly find new ways to improve the interactions your customers have with your brand and enhance your visibility online - with a constant focus on measuring the result and constantly improving.

your evolving content strategy
Content proves, sells, demonstrates, and answers.

Why? Because your customers rely on it to make important decisions, at the same time - your website can't be found without it.

Content makes you the resource your customers are looking for.

With active content strategy, we find new ways to improve the interactions your customers have with your brand, while frequently measuring the result.

Our content strategy team thrives on creating content that works for your goals.

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