digital marketing faq's

What digital marketing efforts give me the best ROI?
This depends on your goals, your industry, and the way you do business. Every client is unique, so every client needs a unique digital marketing strategy. Typical digital marketing plans often include responsive websites and/or ecommerce websites, professionally shot video, SEO, social media strategies, brand design, and whatever your business needs.

Do you outsource any of your services?
Never. When it comes to all of the digital marketing services we offer, we do it all in-house. Stop by and see for yourself!

Can I have a site that looks exactly like another site that I like?
You don’t really want that. You may simply like the theme, aesthetics, and functionality of a specific site, which is a great help. When you talk to our creative team, we’ll walk you through a brief discovery process where we’ll identify the key elements that will set the tone for your digital marketing, while also setting you apart. For more in the design aspect of digital marketing, check out the design page.

How do I get my website to show up on the first page of Google search results?
This question is a bit harder to answer and depends on the competition, your business, your industry, whether you want to do business globally or locally, and Google’s latest algorithm update. For example, Google’s most recent algorithm update “Hummingbird” had an impact on the way Google values content on websites. Read more about it here.

Does my digital marketing plan need social media?
That depends, does your target audience use social media? When it comes to building your ideal digital marketing plan, we always complete demographic research to identify whether a social media presence is important for your business.

Are design revisions unlimited?
We don’t stop until you’re happy, but to help with the design process we create a set of “style tiles”. Style tiles give you a visual example of how the key elements of your site will appear, ranging from color themes and fonts to the style of your headings. The benefit of style tiles is that they cut down on the amount of revisions that are necessary (especially for minor changes) and get your website started in the right direction.

After choosing the style tile that represents your business and brand the best, we’ll provide a mockup of your site. Based on your feedback, we will begin the live build, making minor changes and updates along the way.

I’d like to manage the content on my website. Do you offer that option?
Yes! We can provide a custom themed website, driven by the content management system of your choice (typically Wordpress or Drupal) that allows you to update content as you please. However, if you ever need to make any of the advanced under-the-hood changes to the look, feel, or structure of your site – we can help.

Is digital marketing only through the internet or does it include TV, Radio, and/or other platforms?
We don’t think digital marketing should be thought of as just one thing, but more of buffet. Do you only really want the meat and potatoes? Or could you use a bit more? It all depends on you. If you have a unique company culture, a video might be the best way to sell your brand to the public. If you just want to sell online, an ecommerce site bundled with a content management system might be more your speed. It’s all up to you, but we’re here to help figure that part out.

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